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    All hair supplements in the Wellness? MyCollection are made of real hair and can therefore be treated like your own hair. The hair piece can be washed and grooved, curled or straightened and styled in a variety of ways. In terms of color and shape, the second hair can be perfectly adapted to the bride’s hair and can both look super natural and set interesting color accents.

    Clips make handling easy and safe

    When it comes to comfort, hair integration is second to none. The hair piece is fastened with clips, combed into your own hair or woven with it. So there is never a disturbing ”wig feeling”. Unlike often with extensions, no connection points can be felt or seen. The hair can be worn open, pinned up or styled to the side. Even more complex, opulent stylings can be realized safely and durable. And of course the beloved bridal veil can also be easily attached to the festive hairstyle.

    3 questions for the professional
    Alexandra Kempf (39), the air stylist of our shoot, is a self-employed hairdresser in the high-class salon in H? Sbach, just outside Frankfurt, which she runs together with her parents in a family association. In the course of her career she has won many titles and awards, first places at Grand Prix’s in Paris, Helsinki, Utrecht and Vienna, victories at the World Hairdressing Championships in Seoul in 1998, 2000 in Berlin and 2002 in Las Vegas and won the L’Oréal Color Trophy in 2004 and 2008, for example.

Esillä 1 viesti (kaikkiaan 1)

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