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    Jean-Paul Gaultier opts for a stripe in the middle well drawn and stylized by roots colored in red or even blue for an original root effect. Other creators go even further. Jeremy Scott chooses blonde wigs decorated with bomb-applied electric colors. At Narciso Rodriguez, the hair is completely covered. Color is completely assumed and becomes an accessory in its own right.

    In a more chic version, Gucci uses brown and blonde to play with contrasts.
    On the side of the stars, Katy Perry is the fervent ambassador of hair makeup. Pink and blue have her favors and the singer does not seem to tire of this trend which is already beginning to conquer the beautystas.

    We are all concerned with the health and beauty of our hair. As an overactive urban girl, I can feel that my hair has taken a hit. Color, pollution, stress, repetitive shampoo … were right for my silky and shiny hair.

    So I decided to book an appointment with the hair care manitou who is none other than Mr. Jean-François Lazartigue. I go to rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré where I am welcomed in the hair salon nestled at the end of a Parisian courtyard. The living room, decorated by Mr. Lazartigue himself, is a real breath of fresh air. Glass roof, abundant green plants, flowers. I immediately feel that I am going to spend a moment of relaxation and that they will take good care of me.

    Philippe takes me in hand. He explains to me that every session starts with a free and non-binding hair diagnosis to establish the state of health of my hair buy human hair wigs[/url] and apply the appropriate care.

    He begins by asking me a series of questions: date of the last shampoo, frequency of washing, type of shampoo, if I color my hair and with what types of products, do they fall out … As a result , it massages my scalp to assess its tone. Verdict: it is rather tense … And yes, I am stressed …

Esillä 1 viesti (kaikkiaan 1)

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