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    Reduced haircuts with clear lines shine in impressive shades of red and copper. The creative team from Saint Petersburg, with the luminosity of the hair colors, is able to highlight the individual personality so that it immediately becomes the focus of attention. Iridescent red that makes a clear trend statement and attracts everyone’s attention …

    Art Director: Andrey Pulin
    Hairstyles: Andrey Pulin, Ilya Skovorodko, Nikita Kavlakan, Lika Nikon
    Make-up: Daria Stakhovskaya
    Production design: Olga Dikun Photos: Georgiy Semenov
    Outfits: So Number One
    Photo Credit: ESTEL

    An inspiration for hairdressers who already have the creative color virus and for everyone who wants to be infected …

    JOICO Vero K-Pak Color has been offering colorists the ability to create the right hair color for every customer for 25 years. With Vero K-Pak Color, the True Tone color series from JOICO
    Colorists can let their creativity run free and their customers’ hair in one year
    Masterpiece, a work of art of color, transform.

Esillä 1 viesti (kaikkiaan 1)

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