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    Credits: DR
    Impossible to miss, crocodile is one of the trends of the season. A little cautious of the total look? Slip it discreetly into your bun.
    ”Croco Funny” fork, Alexandre de Paris, € 75.

    For this back to school, the square is still on the rise, but for those who like it long, there are also pretty degraded cuts. And whatever the length, the watchword of the season is natural! Find your happiness among our selection.

    Give personality to raplapla hair!
    Credits: DR
    A gradient over the entire length, ideal for styling straight hair. We can thus play with brushing by refining, for example, a slightly round face by snapping the points forward. The fairly thick bangs were cut into pickets. This technique consists in removing small hair with a straight scissor to obtain a good volume. Thus, it frames the face well.

    In the St Algue salons.
    Have fun with your curls!
    Credits: DR
    Who thinks that curly hair buy lace wigs uk can’t be glamorous? To obtain this trendy square, the hair was cut from the top of the head and then folded forward. The nape of the neck is short and the side strands longer to surround the face. To break the classic side of the curls, each lock was broken and crumpled with a fixing product.

Esillä 1 viesti (kaikkiaan 1)

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