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    We choose the ponytail
    A great classic for girls with long hair, the ponytail enhances the face. We wear it low, high or one shoulder. In short, we vary the pleasures to change heads according to our mood.
    We fall for the braid
    More sophisticated, the braid brings a fashion touch to your anti-heat wave look. Moreover, the stars wear it in multiple ways. This year again, the ear braid is unanimous.

    We put on the wet effect
    For those with short hair or who really need to tame their rebellious strands, the plated effect that you get with a little styling product tames frizz and enhances the features.

    We dare the trendy hair accessory
    Very trendy this summer, the scarf that you tie in your hair is making a comeback. It allows to lay down the hair or to raise its lengths with fantasy. Another option, the headband or barrettes can be very useful for clearing the forehead or fixing the https://www.lacewigsbuy.co.uk/ hair.

    Do you want a nice Afro cut? Nothing’s easier ! Learn the right steps to take care of your hair and follow the steps in this quick and easy hairdressing lesson.

Esillä 1 viesti (kaikkiaan 1)

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